Monday, March 17, 2008

Spoon video

Yea! New Spoon video! I love stop motion videos! Here's "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb":

Speaking of videos, I've learned that many of my friends who read this blog don't generally read a lot of blogs. Thus, I can get away with repeating whatever stereogum and gorilla vs. bear tell me is cool, and I can easily impress people. I kid, I kid. Though I did get the Spoon video from stereogum.

So for those of you aren't already hip to the indie music blogosphere, but like good music, check out this site to see incredible live music videos filmed with hand held cameras on the streets of Paris. I've spent way too many hours watching these.

Like I have to tell you, my top recommendations are Beirut* and Sufjan Stevens. The Arcade Fire, The National and Menomena ones are also great.

* Beirut and Vincent Moon created videos for every song off of The Flying Club Cup. They're putting out a dvd at some point. Can we say Christmas present?!

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