Thursday, January 31, 2008

eat shit and die (ESD) #1: the origin

My posts tagged "eat shit and die" are records of random daily occurrences/musings that I may use in future essays and fictional writing. The name comes from an experience I had this afternoon.

A running joke between my husband and me is that when we walk by someone speaking a language not easily identifiable, one of us will say, "I hate it when people speak made up languages." I know, I know. It's not funny. It's kind of racist. But aren't a lot of jokes shared between close friends?

Today, I walked by a woman whom I judged to be speaking some Slavic language my husband and I would normally classify as "made up". In our defense, we're generally discerning with languages. I can usually recognize Russian or Ukrainian, but this woman was speaking neither.

Speaking on her cell phone, what I heard was "moshee mosh mosh nadjyoo madjkee EAT SHIT AND DIE moshee mosh mosh." It pains me that I know neither the true context of her conversation, nor how she came to learn this phrase. I like to think that she doesn't speak English, but upon moving to the States, decided to learn one terribly cruel English insult, to be used in dramatic moments like this.

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