Tuesday, May 20, 2008

music catch up

Devotchka at the Paradise

Random music notes:

E and I saw DeVotchKa at the Paradise on Sunday--absolutely amazing. The review should be on mel.opho.be soon [Ed.-here it is!]. NPR is streaming their show at the 9:30 club in DC. It's the same exact show as the Boston one. Nick doesn't even change the stage banter between songs.

* * *

Speaking of streaming, here you can listen to ScoJo's Anyway I Lay My Head, the long-awaited Tom Waits cover album. I love ScoJo. I hate this album so much, I want to smash my computer speakers against a wall.

* * *

Part 1 of the The Acorn interview is up.

* * *

Here's stereogum's coverage of the Beirut show in Brooklyn. On a somewhat related note, E and I went to Petit Robert Bistro tonight. The lobster bisque was too salty, but a Hendricks martini can make anything taste better. The maitre 'd looked just like Zach Condon. This totally made my day. During dinner, E and I debated who is better, Beirut or DeVotchKa? Though my recent blog obsession with Beirut would convince you otherwise, I sided with DeVotchKa. I love the polished, masterful performance of DeVotchKa. E likes the drunken, laid back, improv style of Beirut. I like it, too, but sometimes Zach's voice is a little too much for me to take. On the contrary, Nick Urata's voice sounds just like butter.

Stereogum has a video of Beirut's "Nantes" from the Brooklyn show here:

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