Sunday, March 9, 2008

Last Night's Concert (I didn't go to): Freezepop

I realize it's ridiculous to continue to write about concerts I wanted to go to, but didn't, but I'm hoping this is a fleeting thing.

I didn't go see Freezepop Friday night, because E was still sick and couldn't handle kooky electro-pop.

Freezepop plays in Boston all the time, though, so I'll see them at some point. You can listen to them here.

On a related note, so many of my friends and co-workers have been sick these past few weeks; I'm amazed I've stayed healthy. I feel like X: The Last Woman.

I admit, that last paragraph was just a set up to note that I recently went to Newbury Comics and read through half of the first Y: The Last Man. The NY Times wrote an "A Night Out With" the author, and I was intrigued.*

I've never been into comics, but I've recently read a few graphic novels. My sister gave me Adrian Tomine's Shortcomings for Christmas, which was really enjoyable. Soon thereafter, our friend Alecia lent us Craig Thompson's Blankets, which both E and I found incredibly touching. Though this is obvious to any avid comic reader, it's amazing how graphic novels and comics can create narrative in a way that's so different from the traditional written word or film. I feel like I've just discovered an entirely new art form. This is all new to me, so if anyone has recommendations, let me know.

* It's no secret that I get all my cultural cues from the Times, so I won't bother to apologize for how lame this is.


DenverArtScene said...

I appreciated Freezepop after playing one of the bonus songs on Guitar Hero actually the only good bonus song.....

The_Writer said...

Yeah, Harmonix was really good about featuring Boston/Cambridge bands as well as local venues.