Saturday, April 5, 2008

Last Night's Concert: French Kicks

Last night, E and I saw the French Kicks with Aberdeen City and two other small bands at the Middle East Upstairs. I liked one of the openers, Pomegranates. You can listen to them on their Myspace page. I heard they were from Cincinnati, so I yelled out "Don't trash the 'Nati!" My friend Jenny taught me that line. It came from an anti-litter campaign.

We saw Aberdeen City open up for Snow Patrol at the [insert bank name] Pavilion in Boston a couple years ago. If I recall correctly, it was one of those once in a lifetime things, where the opener fell through, so they called up a random Boston band a couple days before the show. It was really weird to see them with 150 people after seeing them with 4,000. I think they're kind of better in the bigger space. Good luck getting that gig again, guys!

The French Kicks were great. The sound was kind of bad for all the bands, though. Here are my terrible camera phone photos.

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