Monday, April 14, 2008

Beirut moment of the day

Beirut is the Soundtrack of My Life Moment of the Day*: a crazy lady on the street was dramatically marching in place perfectly in time to "Nantes" as it played on my ipod. Awesome!

In honor of this moment, let's watch one of my favorite Takeaway shows, "Nantes".

*In case anyone was dying to know what happened with my plan to get Beirut played during the Vancouver Winter Olympics, they shut down ice skating on the Frog Pond a couple days after I wrote that post. Oh well.

And while we're on the subject of post updates, the movie being filmed in Boston is "The Proposal" with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. Totally boring, except the fact that Ryan Reynolds is dating ScoJo, and she's been visiting him while he films. ScoJo!!!


Anonymous said...

think ScoJo ever gets in the "wings and waffles" mood? If so, we are so $.

The_Writer said...

No. No I don't think ScoJo eats wings and waffles.