Monday, April 14, 2008

The Kooks' "Konk"

As is my habit, I'm directing you over to AOL's Spinner to stream [all expired] a new release. This time it's The Kooks. Super fun, British poppy goodness.

I'm sad (for me) that their Paradise show sold out so quickly (also, I REALLY want to see opener The Morning Benders).

The Tristan Prettyman album is good, too, but at the moment, I find folk music to be excrutiatingly boring. If you feel otherwise, you should check it out [Ed.-Woah, that was fast. Prettyman is already gone. But they added Phantom Planet (so good!) and The Duke Spirit (so good!)].

[Ed.-Sorry, can I just promote one more album that's on Spinner right now? M83. Melodic, ambient, French electronica. Pretty, pretty stuff. They're playing the Middle East in a couple of weeks. Hmmm...]

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Anonymous said...

don't worry about what CDs are up/down, as they seem to rotate the listings. Kooks are fun, not sell-out the Paradise fun, but fun. Surprised you did not review the new Asia album. AOL said they're "back with vengeance" and they are so right.