Monday, April 14, 2008

Last Night's Concert: Rogue Wave

Crappy photo. The good ones are at

E and I saw Rogue Wave at the Paradise on Friday. I wrote a review and took photos for my new favorite Boston-based music site Read it here.

A personal anecdote not included in the review? I know 28 is not that old. But it sure feels old when you're standing behind a bunch of 18-year-olds and the club plays Chemical Brothers' "Setting Sun" and Portishead's "Sour Times." Because when E and I started singing while the young folk looked on incredulously, we realized that those songs were popular when we were 18. And these whippersnappers don't even know them. Aaack!

More thoughts from the weekend....

I had a personal breakthrough Saturday night while attending a fundraiser for a certain non-profit popular with the hipster crowd. After seven years of working for non-profits, I sort of over analyze how non-profits market their work and wrestle with my own involvement with it. Despite the fact that this event was helping a wonderful organization and there was a really fun vibe to it, certain things about it rubbed me the wrong way.

After they completed the program part of the night and the event turned into a (no joke) hipster dance party, I was borderline anxiety-attack and was like, "we need to get the hell out of here."

But here's where the breakthrough comes in. I suddenly realized, hey, I'm in a room with lots of fun people, good music, dancing, and free beer, and (most of) the people are here to celebrate the great work this organization is doing in my community. So why don't I just get over myself and have fun? And I did. So, yea, personal breakthrough!

P.S. I've written about 90% of a Wu-Tang essay touching on this theme, but I can't bring myself to finish it. There are about four other 90% completed Wu-Tang essays. Does anyone really care about these essays? How has this blog become all about music and random personal anecdotes? I really intended for this blog to motivate me to write essays. Ugh.

I'll probably stop blogging soon or change styles. Though, my sister asked me not to stop, since it's the most up-to-date we've been on each other's lives in years.* Maybe I'll just change the blog to "notes to my sister."

*Though, um, sis, I don't think I've told you I decided not to enroll in my grad program. Woops. More on that later.

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