Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ESD#35: Boston movies

Best. Philip. Seymour. Hoffman. Cameo. Ever.

Someone is filming a movie today on the Common--or at least, that's where the trailers and catering are. I'm excited, because if they're filming on the Common, that likely means that Boston is prominently featured.

On the other hand, I walked by a trailer with a sign that read "Buster's in here. Don't open the door." Hmmm. This smells of a romantic comedy featuring a cute little cockapoo. Maybe I should open the door a crack, come back in a few hours with Mosley, and be like, "Hey guys, casting for a pit bull mix that likes to sigh a lot?" [Ed.--Who am I kidding? Mos' only chance to be in film is auditioning for a Smoke Bulga video.]

As much as I love movies featuring Boston, it's a bit distracting to watch. Here are some geographical inaccuracies from my two favorite Boston based movies "Gone Baby Gone" and "Next Stop Wonderland".

Gone Baby Gone (from the scene filmed down the street from me):

- Haitian druglords do not operate on Shawmut Ave. There's plenty of other unsavory operations here, but Blue Hill Hyde Park Ave. is more popular with the Haitian community. To be fair, I don't think they explicitly mentioned the neighborhood.

Next Stop Wonderland

- No one goes on a date along the East Boston waterfront. And if they did, they wouldn't then walk home to the Back Bay. What did you do, walk through the tunnel? Swim?

- If you work in the medical district, The Burren in Davis Square is not your after work watering hole. So you all hopped on the 47 and transferred to the red line? I doubt it. You'd all be at Boston Beer Works.

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