Monday, April 7, 2008

Single White Female

Last night, while listening to High Places, I told E I was considering going all Single White Female, cutting big bangs, buying a casio, and recording songs, to which he replied, "How can you do that while you're touring with Beirut?"

This was like last weekend, when my friend Meg and I saw Sufjan Stevens on tv, and I said, "That's my pretend boyfriend."

She responded, "Is that because he looks just like your husband?" Bless your heart, Meg; he really doesn't. E doesn't even own a baseball cap.

Bottom line is: my friends and family really shouldn't indulge my little indie rock fantasies.

But speaking of my upcoming tour with Beirut, according to their website, Beirut canceled all of their European shows, and Zach is re-visioning the band. I'm getting really nervous that I'll never see him live.

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