Saturday, April 5, 2008

Last Night's Concert: Dirty Projectors

I’m breaking my promise to write a proper concert review of the No Kids / Dirty Projectors show at the MFA. I got in from my last minute trip to Philadelphia at 9pm, and despite a 3 minute drive from my house to the MFA, we only caught the last five songs of the Dirty Projectors. I've started a review maybe five times, but can't ever finish it.

So... my opinion of Dirty Projectors in a nutshell? Arguably the most interesting, enthralling and unique music out there right now. Truly amazing stuff. pretty much wrote the review I would have written (honestly, my partial review likewise included the phrase "middle school auditorium"), so just read theirs. They have beautiful photos, too.

Listen to the Dirty Projectors at their Myspace page. Start with the song "Rise Above". It's my favorite (and their show closer).

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Josh said...

Thanks for linking to our review! Indeed, the show was fantastic - just wish you could have made it earlier.


p.s. Send me an email if you have a minute.