Thursday, April 10, 2008

ESD#37: return of the tub-ohs!

It's 70 degrees in Boston right now. And that means...


E and I bought four of these things at IKEA, and after realizing they were the greatest invention of our time, bought four more.

Time to drag these mother-uckers up on the roof for the first impromptu roof deck party of the season.

Here's a collection of photos of the tub-ohs at their finest (a bbq / jazz concert from last year).

Hon, have you seen all of Anna's photos? There are some hilarious ones of the kids on the mic. I can't remember... what was the song they performed? Man, these photos are making me excited for the summer. I love my neighborhood so much.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sample Set List:

lipstick poppin, then boys remixed it to chap stick is poppin.

also, the classic "Gonna Buy you some gum" T-Pain Kidz Bop version.