Wednesday, May 14, 2008

concert round-up

Our week of being crazy rock stars has come to a close. I really hope to never see four shows in six nights again. Unless it's a full-time job. Quick synopses:

The Acorn
I interviewed The Acorn and reviewed their show at the Great Scott (the interview's not posted yet). Their latest album, which I've mentioned a couple times here, is fantastic. You haven't bought it yet? Buy it: Glory Hope Mountain.

After the show, I realized that early Acorn sounds a lot like Wheat (later stuff, not at all). Yes, the similarities do not end at their hard to google names. After further investigating my theory, I found out that Wheat is recording a new album! Kyle, you still read this blog? Hook a sister up with a exclusive! They're your friends, no? Wheat recording gives me hope that the little indie bands you're afraid will quit if they don't see much commercial success actually do stick around after many, many years [Ed.-I said this all wrong. Wheat is actually pretty commercially successful. What I meant is that you don't expect indie bands to be able to support themselves after many years. OK, maybe I just said the same thing, but whatever].

Here's the comparison:

The Acorn - Blankets [from Kelp Records]
Wheat - Girl Singer [from Wheat's music archive, where you can download all their music for free (crazy, no?)]

El Perro del Mar, Lykke Li and Anna Ternheim
Word of advice: before seeing waif-like Swedish songstresses, do not eat at Redbones. As you find bits of crusted bbq sauce in the corners of your mouth while viewing tall, blonde Nordic goddesses, you will feel like a disgusting, American slob. But damn if those ribs weren't tasty!

E reviewed the show here, so now we're concert reviewing partners in crime. Awesome.

Death Cab for Cutie
I like Death Cab as much as the next person, but, man. It was boring as all get out. Honestly, isn't straight up rock 'n roll so boring? I wish Gibbard had played some Postal Service songs-then at least there would've been some quirky synthesizer/drum machine action.

Cut Copy + Black Kids
We had tons of fun at this show, despite it being a Monday night. It was kind of funny taking the T home with folks who left the Cure concert a block down the street at Agganis Arena. Fans of 80's legends and new New Wave all in one subway car. I'll let you know when my review is up at

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