Thursday, May 1, 2008

DM Stith

DM Stith's music sounds exactly like his photo looks. Ghostly, threatening, enthralling.

As they announce here, Asthmatic Kitty just signed seven new artists and are promoting their work through an AK muxtape along with a free download of the mix. Not surprisingly, I love it all, especially Ermasse Zopoula from Burkina Faso (then again, what West African music don't I like? [Ed.-Akon]), and DM Stith.

Regarding DM Stith, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AK'S FREE MP3s. That ominous piano, those haunting vocals, that threatening violin--awesomely scary! Here they are:

DM Stith - Be My Baby
DM Stith - Thanksgiving Moon

There's a lot more to stream at DM Stith's MySpace page.

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