Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Kids on the Block

Can we take a moment to talk about NKOTB and their "first group photo in 15 years, exclusively on Yahoo!"?

I feel qualified to do so considering i) as a nine-year-old, my neighbor and I choreographed dances to the entire "Hangin' Tough" album (even back in 1988, we were doing it ironically), and ii) I'm a legit Bostonian now.

From left to right.

Joey: You look good. Really good. Everyone in Boston adores you. You can do no wrong. I even got a little teary during that scene in Boston Public when you tried to convince a student not to drag race on Storrow Drive. And I loved that "Stay the Same" song. You are too perfect for words. And dare I say, too perfect for the rest of these clowns.

Jon: You make me nervous. Really nervous. I seem to recall that you suffer from some serious social anxiety disorder. You look like you're about to tip over, and I'm afraid this might happen on the "Today Show". If it's any consolation, have I ever told you that you were my NKOTB crush when I was nine? I guess it makes sense, because I always went for the father figure type in boy bands (Kevin from Backstreet Boys, J.C. Chavez from 'N Sync, Jeff from 98 Degrees).

Donnie: You make me nervous. Really nervous. You've always scared me, and this was before your shirtless scene in The Sixth Sense. But that suit looks great on you.

Jordan: You make me nervous. Really nervous. I'm afraid that when all your fans start screaming during Joey's solo, you're going to storm off the stage, like you did on The Surreal Life. In fact, you look like you're about to storm out of this photo. I know you need some self-confidence, so I'm going to admit right here and now that I LOVED the "Give it To You" song. I know it wasn't the comeback you were hoping for, but I thought it was super catchy. My roommate and I sophomore year of college would dance and dance any time it played on MTV.

Danny: You look like an ape. Always have, always will. And I never go for the beefcake type in boy bands. Sorry.

* * *

Joey McIntyre's "Stay the Same":

Jordan Knight's "Give It to You":

[Editor's note: Oh my goodness. I posted this Jordan Knight video without really watching it. When I did, I realized that not only did my roommate and I dance to the video, but we also learned the choreography! It all came back to me, and I did the moves in my office (yea for private offices!). Wow. I'm a bigger fan than I realize.]

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