Friday, April 11, 2008

Busta Rhymes, take two

In a very odd coincidence, Busta Rhymes gave his first full interview regarding the death of his bodyguard the day I wrote this rant about it. Hmm… I didn’t know I was so influential in the hip-hop community.

For reasons I can’t explain, I listened to all ten minutes of this interview. And for further reasons I can’t explain, I transcribed some of it:
"It’s not about me not cooperating with the police. I can’t talk about things I didn’t see… I don’t know if people want me to make up a lie…

The no snitch thing… people get the concept of snitchin and not snitchin confused… snitchin is when you’re involved with a crime and you tell on somebody else who was with you to save your own ass. If you’re a victim of a situation and you tell, that don’t make you a snitch.

So just for the record, I have no reason not to tell if I knew the truth, because I wasn’t involved with that crime… If I knew who did that to my man, I would gratefully tell.

If you did something to someone I love… if I told the police or not… I would find you and you would be dealt with accordingly… That’s not snitching. That’s dealing with shit accordingly… Do something to me, I’m going to do it back."
OK, Busta. We understand what snitching is. There’s no confusion. Snitching is what Shyne should have done to get P. Diddy’s ass thrown in jail instead of his own. But then he would have lost his recording career, and would have gotten himself killed the second he was a free man. Good thing he converted to Judaism and is now part of the royal Belize family.

No one is accusing you of not snitching in that sense.

What we take issue with is the idea that you weren’t “involved with the crime.” Sure you didn’t physically witness the crime with your own eyes. However, it’s safe to assume that if someone killed your bodyguard outside of a studio that contained your entire crew, that someone had a problem with YOU. And you know who that someone is. And you should have gone to the police with that information.

You asked what the people want from you. That’s what we want. Plain and simple.

What we don’t want? Eye for an eye. This goes directly against what you claim in this video--that Izzy didn't die in vain, because the video is about unity. Unity is ending the cycle of violence, which you're clearly not willing to do.

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