Friday, February 15, 2008

how is this not front page news?

I know I'm not blogging about music news here, but this is the most insane story I've read in awhile. According to today's NY Times, Shyne's father was just elected as Belize's first black prime minister. Let this sink in for a minute.

It gets crazier.

What the Times doesn't tell us is that Shyne's been estranged from his father since birth. And Shyne converted to Judaism in jail and now goes by Moses Michael Levly. And Shyne's moving to Belize when he gets out of jail to join the royal family. Say what?

Shyne has been in jail for seven years, taking the hit for Puff Daddy. My first reaction to this story was that maybe Diddy would finally get his comeuppance. I know Belize is not an international powerhouse, but surely the prime minister could do something. But maybe his religious conversion has made Shyne Moses a more forgiving person.

I was really hoping for more "Bad Boys" stuff. Man, I loved that song.

Tonight, we raise a glass to Prime Minister Dean Barrow. And we say a prayer for Moses Michael Levly, that he will be released in 2008 on good behavior.

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