Monday, February 11, 2008

ESD#12: godsmack or godspell?

This is an old personal anecdote, which my cousin Laura recently reminded me of. Laura is uncanny at remembering funny family moments that the rest of us forget. Further to the point of my forgetfulness, I have no idea who was the friend in question. Anyway, it's a good story that's going into a piece of fiction at some point.

A friend told me that her parents were very excited for their upcoming New Years Eve plans. They told her, "We bought tickets for that musical that's a modern interpretation of Jesus and the disciples. You know, 'Godsmack'?"

My friend replied in horror, "That is NOT the musical!"

I don't know what they did with those Godsmack tickets, but I like to think that they went to the concert anyway. I think you could easily turn that scenario into a short story. Maybe it could have an O'Henry type spin on it, like the husband sells his antique Bible for tickets or something. Hmmm. I'll keep working on that idea.

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