Monday, February 11, 2008


Every few weeks, for my own benefit, I'll reflect on what I've written so far.

The Wu-Tang essays.
I've written two and have six in progress. Writing these has been fun yet challenging. The two completed ones definitely need some further editing. The challenge is that I'm trying to connect personal reflections with a single lyric, but I'm tempted to write about the entire song. The first post on being the minority does this perfectly, but the rest kind of go off into too much of a Wu territory. Also, my Wu-Tang essays tend to get self-referential, i.e., why I'm writing about Wu-Tang, which is really, really annoying.

The music posts.
These posts are pathetic. Granted, they're intended to just be a personal log and not informational for the reader, but still. Ugh. All my new music cues come from Stereogum and Brooklyn Vegan. I could ask musically inclined friends for recommendations, but in all honesty, I'm just not that excited about new music.

These have been fun to write.

Words and phrases posts.
I'll often draft a post with a new word I want to use, then use it in a different post. So I think this category will soon be unnecessary.

Favorite line I've written: [In reference to hip-hop artist Fabolous] "A proclivity to rhyme slowly does not preclude a love of fast women." Pat, pat.

Most annoying thing about this blog: I constantly reference "my husband", because i) he's a big part of my life so naturally shows up in personal reflection, and ii) I like to keep a bit of anonymity and not use his name. But always using the word husband makes me think of this guy in college who would mention his girlfriend in every other sentence. It made me so uncomfortable, like he was accusing me of flirting with him or something.

From here on out, the husband will now be referred to as E. Alternatively, I could call him Steve, the name my crackhead neighbors use (apologies for the derogatory term, but it's true). They use Steve, because they can't pronounce/remember/understand his real name (it's not that hard). They also call me Mrs. Stevens, which would make him Steve Stevens. They don't find anything odd about this. I think I'll stay with E.

Essay that has most impacted my life: Wu-Tang essay on tics and good beats. Either my tics are increasing or I'm more aware of them, but man, my tics have been in overdrive this week. I guess I'm a little more stressed than usual with a busy work and class schedule, but this is kind of ridiculous. I've even developed new ones (the most dominant new one is fluttering my lips, like motor mouth or giving raspberries to someone).

Essay that makes me feel like I've had a few too many drinks: I'm in the middle of writing a Wu-Tang essay on poverty and our perception of it. It explores how people perceive poverty in the States vs. the developing world. When I'm at a party and have reached a certain level of trust with a stranger (after a lot of drinks, this takes about 20 seconds), Bono himself can not stop me from talking about this subject. It feels funny to write about this with a sober mind.

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