Monday, February 18, 2008

ESD#15: remember when I tried to write a chick-lit novel?

Remember? Neither do I. Oh, wait; it's coming back. This was five years ago, pre-Mosley, pre-homeowning, pre-new job. This was right before the blog boom, so I designed the whole thing in html. My friend Jen did beautiful illustrations. Man, I loved those courier font chapter headings!

Well, I still have the html files, and I just read through the thing again. It's kind of cute. I posted the text here. One day, I'll get it back up in its full courier font, illustrated glory. No guarantee that I'll write more, though. It's kind of hard to write about a directionless 20-something when you've been married five years, gainfully employed for seven and are in spitting distance of 30.

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