Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ESD#16: high school musical

Because my office abuts the State House and Boston Common, I'm often distracted by loud rallies/parades/protests/performances on the Common or the State House steps. Post-Red Sox victory and Christmas were particularly busy times.

Today, it's High School Musical The Ice Tour! promoting their show on the Frog Pond. I've been listening to screaming children for the past hour.

I thought High School Musical was cute, especially the "Stick to the Status Quo" song. Not cute enough to see a second time. Certainly not cute enough to see the sequel. It kind of lacks the panache of classics from my childhood. You know, like, Camp Cucamonga?

Coincidentally, today I read that there's a recording of Sufjan Stevens performing an acoustic medley of High School Musical songs. I would kill for that recording (alright, so maybe I'm a bigger fan of HSM than I'm letting on!).

[Editor's note: Yeah. There's no Sufjan HSM recording. Sufjan's ironic, no? Well some guy who is even more ironic made a fake Myspace page with the most asinine mash-ups he could think of, including Sufjan/HSM. This was a really funny joke back in 2006. This is how behind I am with new music. I'm learning about 2006 hipster indie rock jokes in February 2008. Fail.]

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