Saturday, February 9, 2008

ESD #8: soulless generations

Last week, my husband went to see our dog's namesake, Walter Mosley, speak at the Boston Public Library.

Mosley the dog:

Mosley the mystery novelist:

Mosley the novelist was acting rather disgruntled that evening and said he's now writing existential novels to speak to his "soulless generation". Quite the provocative statement.

During Q&A, my husband asked Mosley if there's any hope for our generation, to which he replied, "how old are you?" Upon hearing that he's 29, Mosley thought about it and simply said, "maybe." Sheesh. That's harsh.

Maybe this explains why Mosley the dog sighs a lot.

On a related note, in January's The Believer, Nick Hornby wrote a great review of the book X Saves the World. It's on my "books to read" list now. I'm apt to like any book that follows on the heels of Douglas Coupland's Generation X.


E said...

do notice, fair reader, that the author in question, the most esteemed Walter Mosley, is wearing an article of clothing emblazoned with a dog image,a coincidence I might further develop in a longer essay that will include tasty color symbolism to complement the visual juxtaposition of pooch with name-sake wearing picture of pooch on t-shirt.
Nathaniel Hawthorne

The_Writer said...

I can't believe I didn't notice. Mos (the dog) looks crazy in this photo. He looks part cute little puppy and part stank eye. I would not want to cross the pup.