Monday, February 11, 2008

Fiction Plane's "Death Machine"

Last year, my husband and I had free tickets to see Fiction Plane at the Paradise, my favorite music venue in Boston. It was surreal.

Fiction Plane is Sting's son's band. In a crazy case of nepotism, Fiction Plane opened for The Police's arena tour last Summer. In their defense, and to explain my surreality claim, Fiction Plane is extremely qualified to precede The Police, because:

- Sting's son looks EXACTLY like Sting
- Sting's son sounds EXACTLY like Sting
- Fiction Plane is a 3-person band
- Sting's son sings and plays the bass
- Fiction Plane's sound is influenced by reggae
- Fiction Plane seems kind of hip, but you sense that inevitably Sting's son will break up the group to do lame solo projects

It was a fun show. For the encore, we stood behind the VIP section (which is 36 square feet of roped off floor), and I said to my husband, "Look! There's Sting's wife!" to which he replied, "Look who's standing next to her." Ah, Sting in all his torn sleeveless shirt glory. Awesome!

I listened to some Fiction Plane today. It's not that bad (not that good either).

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