Sunday, February 10, 2008

Explosions in the Sky, post-rock

When my friends and I play poker, conversation often turns to music. Sometimes I butt heads with my friend Luke. Things got ignorant a few weeks ago when he dissed the Doves and other family favorites, so I finally asked him straight up to explain his musical tastes. He said he mostly listens to "post-rock". I accused him of making this up, but apparently it's a genre of music. I'm too annoyed by this term to research it, but my husband told me that Explosions in the Sky, which I recently discovered, falls within this genre, so I'm a little intrigued now.

As an aside, the top five albums played during poker:

Black Star's self-titled album (always my request!)
Ludacris' "Release Therapy"
Common's "Be"
The Roots' "Tipping Point"
Blackalicious' "Blazing Arrow"

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