Monday, February 11, 2008

ESD#10: late fee confessions

I have in my possession my high school's copy of Frank Herbert's Dune. I will never read this book again. Think they have eleven-year amnesty? To improve my late fee karma, I'm considering donating it to 826 Boston.

My copy of Wu-Tang Clan's "The W", the album that serves as an inspiration for my thematic essays, belongs to the Cambridge Public Library. It's at least six months overdue.

Over a year ago, my friend Laura lent me Veronica Mars Season 2, which I watched over a three -day bout of the flu. I still have it, despite seeing her at least weekly.

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E said...

since marriage brings two souls (and overdue books) together as a mystical one, add to your list:
1: DVD that accompanies Favorite Poems Anthology
2: Romeo and Juliet, paperback
3: that video from Mike's that we need to hold onto for another month until they close for good (which might be a direct result of heartless folks like us).