Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Busta Rhymes' "Touch It (remix)"

There are so many things I need to say about this video.

First and foremost, how is it possible that I've never heard this remix? It's no secret, that I love, love, LOVE this song despite the fact that I vowed to stop listening to Busta Rhymes after he refused to cooperate with the police after his bodyguard was shot and killed. Which brings me to...

Second, this is the video that was being filmed when Busta's bodyguard Israel Ramirez was killed outside the studio. Busta takes the first 40 seconds to dedicate the video to Ramirez. I am in no way questioning Busta's sincerity in his deep sorrow related to the death of his friend, a father of three young children. However, it's despicable--DESPICABLE--that he claims that Israel did not die in vain, because this video is about unity in the hip-hop community. Putting Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliot, Rah Digga, Papoose, Lloyd Banks and DMX in a room together is not unity.

You know what unity is, Busta? It's admitting to your contribution to needless violence, committing to making amends for your actions, and cooperating with the police when you're a witness to a murder.

Phew. OK, let's get superficial.

- This song is GENIUS! and begging for a remix. Why did it not get more airplay?

- It is also no secret that I'm obsessed with stepping. Little known fact about E? He coached the step squad at his last school. Thus, the intro to this video is awesome.

- Mary J. Blige is freakin' amazing in this.

- I love Missy, but I hate it when she compares herself to more typically beautiful women. "Like I have Beyonce Hips." "Like I could be like Nia Long." Ugh. You do this in EVERY. SONG.

- I love it when Lloyd Banks "turns it up." This is the most energy Lloyd Banks has ever shown in a song.

- Who the hell is Papoose? Am I really this out of touch with music? [Ed.--explained in the comments.]

- DMX? Really? REALLY?

- Why is Sean Paul in this video if he doesn't perform? [Ed.--I think he's there, because there's a ten minute version of this song with even more artists. I can't get my hands on it, though.]


Matt said...

Papoose has been around guesting for a while... I have him on on a few mix tapes such as Talib's Blacksmith: The Movement and the J. Dilla (RIP) & Busta release Dillagence.

Anonymous said...

wonderful info Matt. I just know him from the iPod...assumed his first name was Feat. For more Papoose wisdom, do check the site. Highlights include the "Beef" section:

"At this moment in time Papoose has not invloved himself in any beefs within the Hip Hop game, or outside of it, as soon as this changes it will be detailed within this section. If you know any information we dont, please dont hesitate to drop us an email and let us know. Thanks"

and the "Rare Facts" area that is a bullet point version of the "Biography" page. Rare my Aunt Jenny.

The_Writer said...

Oh my goodness. How tempting is it to send Papoose tips on suspected beefs?

The_Writer said...

Dear Papoose,

Jadakiss has added an alternative verse to "Why" in concert.

Why Papoose's feet gotta smell like cat turds?

I suspect a beef is brewin'. Let me know what I can do to help.

All my best,
A fan