Thursday, March 20, 2008

indie rock crushes

After writing this post about my indie rock crush changing from Sufjan Stevens to Zach Condon, this cracks me up. Apparently every other female indie rock fan feels the same way. From stereogum's 2007 Gummy Awards' Indie Rock Hotties of 2007:

"After last year, we began to think Stereogum patron saint Sufjan Stevens would have a lock on this category forevermore. But a year of garage rock and no wings changes things: the Mr. Indie Rock fixture ceded his crown to an upstart swooner, the oh so silent Swedish crooner Jens Lekman. Feist may have won her Gummy tiara in a landslide, but things were much closer on the Prom King side: Jens, Kevin Barnes, and Zach Condon were all incredibly close at the top spots. It could've gone either way. And the Mr. Indie votes were greatly divided along age lines: Zach was tops for those in their teens, Jens for those in their 20s, and Britt for those in their 30s! What's next, Thurston for the 40s, Jagger for the 60s? For the ladies, though, votes were relatively stable across the generations. (For the record, Zach is the ladies' choice.) Also, by the demo breakdown: Dudes love Thom Yorke. Ladies, not nearly as much."

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