Saturday, March 22, 2008

ESD#28: the best man

I was in Porter Square this morning and stopped by my old haunt Simon's Coffee Shop. Somehow, I never noticed that Simon's trash cans are decoupaged with... wait for it... screen shots from "The Best Man"!

It's no secret that my favorite film genre is African-American wedding movies. My top three in this genre are:

#3: The Wood
#2: The Brothers
#1: The Best Man

Oh, The Best Man. What other movie gives you:

- Morris Chestnut introduced on screen with The Roots' "What You Want" as his soundtrack
- pre-Lost Harold Perrineau with dreadlocks
- pre-everything Terrence Howard as a creepy/sexy lothario
- Taye Diggs and Nia Long (OK, every movie has these two)
- a potential hook up thwarted by the record skipping on Stevie Wonder's "As"
- not one, but two prominent songs by Cameo
- a classy version of the Electric Slide. I'm not kidding. See [1.20] in the trailer:

I appreciate that "The Best Man" deserves criticism regarding how African-Americans are portrayed in film--the same kind of criticism applied to tv shows like UPN's "Girlfriends". So to offset my promotion of this mainstream film, look out for Russ Parr's "The Last Stand" (hopefully widely available on DVD at some point?). Watch the trailer here. It's a realistic, humorous and touching film about hopeful comics in L.A.--all around brilliant. Unfortunately, it will probably only be seen by those who attended the 2006 Roxbury Film Festival (like me)-- such is the business.

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