Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ESD#30: new Senegalese restaurant

Finally! A chance to use the Wolof I've been learning. This all falls into my plan to promote Alif as the next big world hip-hop act. I can throw their US debut party at Teranga in the South End. From South End News:

South End gets Senegalese
Friday Mar 21, 2008

With the ever-expanding palate of South End dining, residents will soon be able to enjoy another fine example of international options. Plans are underway for Teranga, a Senegalese restaurant, to open at 1746 Washington St, according to Washington Gateway Main Street (WGMS) Director Linda Rubin Royer. Royer says Teranga’s future owner, South End resident Marie-Claude Mendy, went before the Gateway’s design committee on March 7 to ensure that plans for the restaurant were consistent with the aesthetic, architectural, and historical character of Washington Street. Washington Gateway has given its preliminary support to going forward with the restaurant’s construction.

"She has interesting ideas for the storefront," said Royer, adding that large glass windows, integrated with the impressive architectural element of a gnarled Baobab tree, should make for an exciting and attractive addition to the neighborhood. "It should be quite beautiful," she said of the current design.

Royer was also able to glimpse the current menu offerings for Teranga. "They look positively mouth watering," she said. "Even if I’m not entirely sure what all of it was!" Owing to strong cultural influences from its West African geography, predominant Islam religion, and long history as a former French colony, Senegal typically offers a fusion of cuisine: peanuts, stewed and marinated meat (chicken, lamb, beef), couscous, beans and fresh fruit are all popular ingredients.

Mendy, owner of the restaurant, was unable to be reached by deadline. Given the current timeline of construction, zoning and permitting, Royer said she anticipates that Teranga would be ready for May 2008.
- Scott Kearnan

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