Saturday, March 22, 2008


Word: self-abnegation

The context in which I most recently heard/saw it used
: From The Believer's interview with Vladimir (March/April 08). Vladimir creates ViewMaster slides (calling them "Vladmasters") accompanied by a cd with a soundtrack and instructions for switching slides. There are also live group performances. When the interviewer asked Vladimir whether her experience as a projectionist influenced her thinking around "performing" film, she replied, "When you're a movie projectionist, the goal is actually one of self-abnegation. A good projectionist is an unnoticed projectionist. This is perfect for me because I'm always trying to make myself disappear."

Meaning in the aforementioned context: denial of self, renunciation of your own interests for the interests of others.

Further thoughts: I was utterly fascinated with this interview. It touches on many issues of art and its interaction with the creator and the consumer, a subject that always fascinates me. At first Vladimir's conceptual art may seem rather pretentious (not to mention the artist's moniker), but upon further description it's quite intriguing.

All my friends are getting these for Christmas.

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