Friday, March 28, 2008

Philadelphia, here we come!

My post title reminds me to promote again the new Phantom Planet song. It's so much fun. Here's "Leader, Leader":

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The new album "Raise the Dead" is out April 15th.

Oh, what was the point of this post? Philadelphia. I'm going there this weekend. For the second day in a row, I had a sign at Starbucks telling me to go. This time it was when multiple people offered to buy drinks for two people in uniform. "It's the least I could do" I heard repeatedly. So I felt like a punk that I wasn't willing to drive seven hours to see my pregnant friend who's in town from Germany (Air Force) for only one week.

Think I could convince my pregnant friend to go to the Fuck Buttons show with me?* She listens to mostly country music. Hmmm.

Thus, I won't be posting for a couple days. But I leave you with a promise to attempt a real concert review of the Dirty Projectors / No Kids show on Sunday night. No more excuses about not knowing how to write about music.

*Ooh, Jenny! Do you read my blog? I think E told you about it. Fuck Buttons is good. Creepy experimental stuff. And now that you're a Philly girl... I'll give you a call. Meg's in town, too, and free Saturday night, so we should hang out. Who am I kidding about Fuck Buttons? Meg would hate it, too.

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