Sunday, March 16, 2008

ESD#25: pi

Apparently this blog is solely devoted to SNL now. Indulge me here.

In tonight's Weekend Update, Seth Meyers presented a story about Friday, 3/14 celebrated as pi day. He concluded by saying "I was so hungover this morning." The funny thing is, that actually happened to me. Friday, I was at a party where not only did people wear pi themed t-shirts, but at one point there was a contest to see who knew the most numbers of pi. I won! (3.1415926535, suckers!). Only ten digits? I'm not that nerdy. And the hangover? Yeah, that was pretty accurate, too.

SNL was surprisingly funny this week. But not nearly as funny as the "Tickle Me Emo" sketch on MadTV we discovered while flipping channels during commercials.


Anonymous said...

"you're not the only one with issues"

toss emo doll on the couch...

best Pi line of the evening: chose Pi over women- it's less irrational.

The_Writer said...

but the best overall quote of the evening was j's friend writing haikus that started "Eff you a**hole [insert Celtics player name]"