Tuesday, March 25, 2008

nicole atkins, take two

Let's do two vanity themed posts in a row that are actually follow-up posts!

I came across this photo today, and immediately reacted, "Oh, no, is this what my hair looks like when I curl it? Gross."

You see, I'm not one of those people who asks their significant other, "Does this make me look fat?" My self-conscious question is always, "Does my hair look like hers?" As with the more commonly asked question, the only correct answer is, "Of course not, baby. You look great."

Turns out the picture above is of Nicole Atkins, whose gorgeous hair makes me cry, as I discussed here. So now I feel a lot better about not having pretty hair.

Follow-up question: is there something weird about how she's posing in this photo? Like she's trying to draw attention to her hair? Considering how perfectly coiffed her hair was at SXSW (where the picture in the previous post was taken), I'm guessing Nicole has a bit of a hair obsession, as well.

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