Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Montreal road trip!

I've been waiting for a good excuse to take a road trip to Montreal (only five hours away--yeah, Boston!), and I was hoping it would be music related. Today, I got my wish. Leonard Cohen is playing his hometown June 23-26, conveniently right after E is done with school. I can not believe this man is 73 years-old and touring.

The only problem is that his latest work includes a lot of cheesy saxophone, for which I have little tolerance. But he still has that voice! I'm torn. Let's throw out a classic in honor of the man. Here's "Suzanne".


The_Writer said...

And I'm commenting on my own post again. After listening to Cohen all day, the parallels with The National are stunning: the low, disengaged voice; the simple, poignant lyrics; the low-key instrumentation. Collaboration potential!

The_Writer said...

And I'm commenting again. Taking a closer look, Cohen is playing for a three-day jazz festival. You know how I feel about jazz: :(

Tickets start at $150 (Canadian?) and his band includes someone who plays "saxophone and horns". This isn't looking so good anymore.