Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ESD#29: lovin' on the Times

In which I counterbalance my hatin' on the Times from this post.

Two quick thoughts on this morning's NY Times:

1. Since when does the Times include a front page photo of the Red Sox? You couldn't find a photo of David Paterson in one of his hilarious TMI press conferences, admitting to yet another irrelevant personal indiscretion?

Keep it up, Times! I for one am lovin' this trend. This totally alleviates my guilt of reading the Times and not the Boston Globe.

While we're on the subject, Boston friends, how awesome has it been to wake up to your alarm clock telling you, "and Moss hits a home run!"? I'm starting to think that all Red Sox games should start at 6am. I'm probably the only one.

2. Despite the fact that I know way more about coffee than the average joe (I used to work in the industry on the sourcing side), I'm not a huge coffee snob. Or, at least, I don't like to talk about my coffee snobbery. I buy fair trade and scoff at a poorly roasted bean in private. Nonetheless, I loved this article where George Howell, who really does roast the best bean in the country, tries multiple Starbucks' coffees made with the clover machine and calls it all shite. The Starbucks down the street from my work is one of the six in the country that uses the clover machine. You think I should try it? Hmm... I'm tempted after this article.

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