Monday, July 7, 2008

Last Night's Concert: Frightened Rabbit

E and I went to another show, and I reviewed it here: Frightened Rabbit and Oxford Collapse at TT the Bear's. It was our first time at TT's. I thought the space was good, but the sound was pretty bad. E missed the entire Frightened Rabbit set, because he was picking up a friend from the airport.

I kind of hate it when people say you'll never be able to see so-and-so band at [insert small concert venue] again, because it sounds like they just want bragging rights. But I'm gonna say it. Frightened Rabbit's gonna blow up. Their new album's awesome.

I put one song from each band on my muxtape, too.

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DenverArtScene said...

nice review, i think random underage drunk girl has a sister in our building.