Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lots and lots of concerts

I've clearly neglected this blog (no posts in over a month!). Long ago, I stopped writing anything intelligent and instead focused solely on music. And music's not really inspiring me much these days. I'll probably keep updating periodically until January, so I have a full year of posts.

That being said, I've gone to a lot of shows, so for the sake of consistency, I'll list them here. In addition to the ones on the sidebar, I've seen:

- Fleet Foxes (wrote a review here)
- Radiohead
- Wilco + Andrew Bird
- Wakey Wakey (where we ran into Ben Kelley)
- Matt Pryor (wrote a review here)
- Walkmen (wrote a review here)
- Low (wrote a review here)
- Dr. Dog + Delta Spirit (E wrote a review here. I thought the show was boring.)
- Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise (wrote a review here)
- Throw Me the Statue + Jukebox the Ghost (wrote a review here)
- Pale Young Gentlemen (wrote a review here)

Tonight, I'm going to see Wheat! Oh, I love Wheat. I'm pretty proud of this interview I did with them here.

I'm also going to see two more shows in the next week, so expect some more links to reviews soon.

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Joshua Holt said...

You should be proud of the Wheat interview. It was great!