Monday, November 24, 2008

more shows

WAY too many shows in the last few weeks:

The Sea and Cake: wrote a review here. I was kind. They were awful. Opener Death Vessel was great, though. This was the third show I've been to with Elizabeth, who still kindly goes to shows with me despite duds like this. Previously, I took her to see the Acorn (we were the only fans there) and Pale Young Gentlemen (we were the only fans there). Oh well!

Wheat: wrote a review here. This show was so much fun, despite the fact that E was in a horrible mood with a head cold. At least he was happy for Wheat's set (how could you not be?). What also made E happy was the guy in the above photo. I don't even remember who opened for Wheat, but E liked that dude in the band.

The Acorn / Calexico: wrote a review here. I totally overplayed the Acorn's album last Spring, so I hadn't listened to them in ages. It was nice to remember why I like them so much. They were awesome at the Somerville Theatre. It was also my first real exposure to Calexico. They were great.

M83: wrote a review here. This was the first show I went to with Luke and Laura, so that was really fun. The show was great, though taking photos was nearly impossible, since they played in the dark.

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