Thursday, June 19, 2008

Doves to finish new album by end of summer

From the Doves' website:
Hi all,
Sorry not been any word from us for a while, but there's been no real news here apart from our usual writing / recording. Rest assured we are working all the time and not just in the pub or hoovering the garage!
We aim to have this record finished by the end of summer, songs are already starting to be mixed.
STOP PRESS!! news just in
We might be treading those boards again this Sept with a couple of UK gigs, nothings confirmed yet and we cant give you details, but you'll be the first to know when things are going to happen (we are gonna try and work out some free tickets for the faithfull on it'll be great to step out into the outside world again and play some of these new songs live.
As ever thanks for you're patience and hopefully see you soon
Andy, Jez and Jimi
Which makes my Doves' countdown (over there ----->) even more stupid, but I'm keeping it up anyway! Can't wait!

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