Sunday, June 22, 2008

things I love: music and life edition

This past week was A+ for many, many reasons, but most importantly, because the Celtics won the mutha flippin' NBA championship! I'd like to dedicate a whole post to the long history of my basketball fandom, but I'll save that for another day. Here are some ridiculous photos of E and I celebrating on our roof deck after watching Game 6 at Drew and Jes' house. Word of warning: do not drink mystery green Celtics punch, like we did (witness the green tongues). We were a mess the next morning. I missed the parade, which went right by my office, because I was on a conference call. I'm still bitter.

In music news, most importantly, I HAVE PRE-SALE SIGUR ROS TIX FOR SEPTEMBER!!! I'm so excited, I'm bursting at the seams. They went on sale at 9am the day after the parade disappointment, and I was a nervous wreck as I couldn't get through and had another flippin' meeting at 9:30. Sure enough, 9:30 came and I still hadn't gotten through. I led the fastest, most efficient meeting of all time, tried again at 10am, when I finally did get through despite the sold out claim on the website.

Last week, I bought three albums at Newbury Comics. They're all fantastic (but I knew that before buying them).

1. The Dodos - Visiter
[website] [myspace]

2. Evangelicals - The Evening Descends (missed their Middle East show Friday, as I was at another show)
exemplary mp3: "Skeleton Man"

3. Chris Garneau - Music for Tourists
[website] [myspace]

Overheard at Newbury Comics:

Cashier: My friend told me I'd like Chris Garneau.
Chick with 3 cds in hand: Yeah, it's kind of sleepy, breathy... like Sufjan Stevens, but not as... BIG?

And that, my friends, is why I should not try to write about music. Yet, I continue to do so, as I wrote a review for the My Brightest Diamond show at Berklee (should be up soon [Ed-here it is.]). The show was awesome. Two Asthmatic Kitty shows in two weeks (Cryptacize before)! Like I said, it was a great week.

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