Friday, June 6, 2008

ESD#47: narcoleptic stripper

It's nice having a spouse that shares a sick sense of humor. Like at this wedding last weekend, I joked that E would find a particular wedding guest in the bathroom snorting coke. Now, I know that's not funny whatsoever, but in context this guy seemed like the classic 80s coke addict, like Stef of "Pretty in Pink."

E took the joke one step further, saying he expected a dead stripper, too, which is really not funny. However, he was alluding to one of my favorite "Arrested Development" episodes, where Michael throws a bachelor party for Gob, and Gob tries to run the family accountant out of town by setting up a situation with a narcoleptic stripper and gallons of corn syrup and red food coloring. His plans are thwarted because of Buster's addiction to juice. It's so absurd and so sick and so ridiculously funny. Here's the unraveling of the scheme:

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