Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mobius Band's "Friends Like These"

This video makes me giggle. It's also a great song. Mobius Band's "Friends Like These":

Awhile back, I wrote a review of the Cut Copy + Black Kids + Mobius Band concert at the Paradise. It never got posted, so here's what I wrote about Mobius Band.

Mobius Band is three Brooklyn lads with a sound that's heavy on the bass, drums and synthesizer. The lead singer plays the bass, so they're a lot like the Police. OK, that last part was a joke, but I've read such asinine things about this show line-up (like Youngblood of Black Kids sounds like Robert Smith!?), that I thought I'd add fuel to the ass-clown fire. In fact, Mobius Band sounds a lot like fellow-New Yorkers French Kicks with they're drum jams, mix of vocal styles and synth touches. But since I recently saw French Kicks perform, I'd say that live, as compared with the former, Mobius Band is a lot more goofy and lighthearted and a lot less pretentious.

Switching up lead vocals are Peter on bass and Ben on guitar/synthesizer: Peter with a droning, twangy style and Ben with a more melodic, dreamy tone. Live, they serve as nice counterpoints, exhibited in their two most popular singles, the danceable “Friends Like These,” with Peter on lead, and “Hallie,” with Ben on lead. Notably, despite the fact that this seemed to be the crowd's first exposure to Mobius Band, these were the only two songs that inspired dancing (or, frankly, general interest)--and this was a crowd ready to dance, as proven later in the evening. So Mobius Band picked their singles well.

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